About Us

Back in 2007, Toke Kruse and Sebastian Seilund, two entrepreneurs based in Denmark, were sharing their frustrations with Quickbooks and the other accounting tools in the market. These programs were too complex for small business owners with simple needs who needed to invoice their clients, track their expenses and access financial reports.

So these two entrepreneurs decided to build the easiest, most intuitive accounting software in the world. Four years later, Billy was born.

In less than three years, Billy had dominated the Danish market. In 2015, Toke and Sebastian realized that they’ve hit a ceiling and decided to expand worldwide. They hired Zeke Camusio as their CEO and released the English version of Billy. Since then, Billy has been growing exponentially.

Billy’s team is focused on one thing: creating the easiest accounting software for entrepreneurs. We’re always getting feedback from our users so we can continue making Billy better and more intuitive.

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